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Henley Women's Regatta 2015


Henley Women's Regatta, 19th - 21st June, allowed the club to display the incredible gains made in the last year, despite the event not resulting in any medals for CURC. Our 8+ A Crew qualified for side-by-side racing out of three boats entered into two divisions; two in the Copus Cup for Academic 8+'s and the final in the Fiona Dennis Trophy for Lightweight Senior Sculls. Whilst our B Crew in Stelph and our single failed to qualify in time trials by a small margin, our A Crew in Vespo continued through to face Durham A in the heats, however unfortunately lost to the crew that went on to win the division.

Reading Regatta 2015


On Saturday 13th June, Cardiff sent two 8+'s per squad, and a 4+ in addition to this for the Women, to Reading in preparation for the upcoming Henley Regattas. In the morning, the WNov4+ lost to UCD by a close margin and the Women's B 8+ won by 3ft before unfortuately losing to MUBC in the quarter-final. The A boat had a row-over for their first race after their competitors failed to arrive at the start in time before going on to beat Thames RC by 2.5 lengths, however conceded half a length to Reading in the semi-final. The Men's B 8+ won by a canvas against ULBC early on in the day, however neither A or B boats were able to attain medals.

Monmouth Regatta 2015

CURC had an incredible weekend at Monmouth in May. We entered 15 crews into as many divisions, with 10 racing on the Saturday, and 5 on Sunday 24th. Our Men's Nov 4+ gained the first win for the club, winning by 3.5 lengths, and were quickly accompanied by the Women's Nov 8+, IM3 4x, Men's Nov 8+, and the IM3 4+. Despite a slight slip of the hand with the Men's Nov 4+ trophy, CURC walked away with a lot of silverware, joined by a Women's Nov 1x and another set of Men's Nov 4+ tankards for the two Sunday successes.

BUCS Regatta 2015

A blustery long weekend in Nottingham in early May brought a weekend of development for the squads. The Novice Squads entered an 8+ and two 4+'s each, and the Senior Men and Women entered a single 8+ and 4+ per squad, and a 4x for the Women. The weekend unfortunately didn't finish with medals, however the Novice Women 8+ managed to reach the A Final against Cambridge, Imperial, Edinburgh, and UCL, finishing as the 5th best University Novice Squad in the UK. 

10th Annual Welsh Boat Race 2015

In the first sporting event in our annual Varsity competition against Swansea University, CURC dominated and secured three of four possible wins on the day. Held in Swansea after 4 consecutive years on the Taff, the Novice Women took the first win, despite the clashing of blades at the beginning of the race. The Novice Men continually held an easy lead for another CURC win and the Senior Women retained their title for the 10th year running. The Senior Men unfortunately did not bring home medals, however only lost by a small margin against our rivals. 

Reading Training Camp 2015

On Monday 13th of April, 54 members of CURC embarked on a training camp of 5 days at Reading Boat Club to hone our skills in preparation for the 10th Annual Welsh Boat Race and BUCS Regatta. Under the guidance of Karl Offord and Roderigo Leal, all four squads were under a rigorous regime of 2-3 water sessions per day focusing on technique and racing preparations for the upcoming Regatta season.

HORR 2015

CURC battled the Tideway on the 29th of March. Mixed boats of Senior and Novice Men raced down the Thames under heavy wind and rain. The culmination of Head Racing season, Head of the River Race is known for it's challenging course over more than 4 and a quarter miles, and this weekend was no different. In competition for the Halladay Trophy for University Crews, the 1st boat 30th, the 2nd 78th, 3rd at 72nd and the 4th at 103rd. Overall, the crews finished in 157th place, 265th, 251st, and 314th, respectively, out of 330 entries. CURC had aid from Penarth RC members Jack Davies, Rhys, and Gabe Ackerman, who sat in the 4th boat. 


The final Head Race of the Winter Season for the Women's Squads, Women's Eights Head of the River Race in London is a chance to compete in one of the largest processional rowing races in the UK against crews from all across the country. An endurance race over 6800m, the Novice Women were entered for the Novice Academic Award, and finished in 12th position within the award category in a time of 23:38.0, and an overall placing of 180th. The Senior Women, in the IM3 University Award category, finished in 8th position within IM3, and 43rd in the entire Head Race out of 293 crews that completed the course, crossing the finish line in 21:53.7.

Reading Head 2015

Reading Head provided a learning curve for many Novice Women as their first ever race. Despite issues with large rogue tanker cruising down the course and through a hectic marshalling area, the Women completed the course after only minimal delay, facing competition from Henley BC Women's 8+ by the final island. Over a distance of 4.25km, the Novice Men sent two boats down the Thames in "Stelph" and "Sea Fury" and covered the distance in 15:41.0 for the A Boat, and 16:53.1 for B, using the race as preparation from Men's Eight's Head of the River Race.

BUCS Head 2015


This year's BUCS Head Race seemed to be over before it began after the early cancelation of all racing on Sunday 1st March, and the beginner events on Saturday28th. Due to adverse weather conditions, the Novice Men's Captain, Ben Kennedy, opted to remove his crews from races, however the Novice Women, along with both Senior Squads, continued on to Boston, Lincolnshire. Two SW 8+'s raced in Division 1, ranking 6th and 20th, and a 4+ in Division 2 that finished in 22:12.9, 9th. The NW boat that raced in the Senior category finished in 23rd place in 22:13.9, and the Senior Men took 11th position with a time of 18:11.7. 

Worcester Head 2015

In their 4th set of races of the year, the Novice Squads travelled to Worcester to race over 6000m on the River Severn. The Women, in an 8+ and two 4+'s, had a very successful run with the 8+ securing first in a time of 22:04. The crew then split into two seperate boats to compete in the Novice 4+ category of which the 4+ A Boat finished with a time of 22:59, taking first place. Despite the cold and damp conditions, the Men sent two 8+'s down the Severn. The A boat raced in the morning division, completing the course in a time of 19:24 and beating the other crews to first position, and the B boat raced in the afternoon, with 21:00 on the clock as they crossed the finish line.

Head of the Taff 2015

The only race of the season on our home river occured on February 1st; boat clubs from around the city congregated at Channel View Centre for the Head of the Taff Race. CURC raced 2200m, or the longer 3200m course, against Cardiff CityLlandaffPenarth, and a host of other clubs. The day ended with many successes, including our NM achieving the fastest Male and Nov 8+ times, SW finishing with the fastest Women's time in the Morning Division and the NW retaining that title in the afternoon division, earning 4 sets of medals for the club. Furthermore, in conjunction with Jack Davies and Gabe Ackerman of Penarth RC, Helen Illiff, Dominic O'Malley and Adrien Grubb, won the pennant of fastest Coxed 4+.

UBBC and Monmouth Head 2014

The inaugural race weekend of the year came in early December as the Novices descended upon the water competitively for the first time and the Seniors made their return after working hard at Pre-Season Training Camp. Of the Novices, racing over 1500m, the Women secured 2nd at Bristol, and the Men attained 4th in the Novice Category and 8th in the Intermediate. The Senior Men came 5th of 8 crews racing over 3000m, but it was the Senior Women who came away with the best result of the day with 1st place medals

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