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Despite all other river racing events being cancelled over the weekend, UBBC went ahead with the flow rate working in the competitors favor. Division 1 saw two Intermediate 8+'s per Senior Squad, the Men finishing in 5th and 13th place in times of 10:48.1 and 11:32.13, and the Women's B boat finishing 4th and A in 1st place in a time of 11:45.14. The Novices, in their first ever competitive race on the river, saw the Women win the 4+ category in 05:23.12, and finish 3rd and 10th for the Beginner 8+'s. The Men rowed well; 8+'s finishing in 7th and 8th with times of 4:29.12 and 4:33.13 and the 4+ in 3rd.

Welsh Indoors


The Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships returned this year with both Novice and Senior Squads attending. The Senior and Novice Men began the day in the Student 2km and finished it with all top 3 positions going to Stuart Hastings, Sam Bannister and Nick Garraway. Adrien Grubb took Silver and Chris Blenkharn, Bronze, in the Men's Lightweight 2km, and then the Senior Women then took to the ergs and all podium positions went to Holly Thomas, Bridget Lapage and Meredith Graham. Novice Woman, Laura Bird, took the final medal of the day in the Fresher 1km.

BUCS Indoors


The Novice Squads attended their first ever competition for CURC with 46 members making their way to the University of Bristol to compete in a 1km sprint and a 2km relay. With PB's in abundance, the Novice Women finished with a Bronze for Fiona Shaw who finished in a time of 3:37.5 and a solid performance in the relay with 3 teams competing. The Novice Men showed their strength competing in the Senior Relay and only 0.4 seconds off of 3rd place, and a final result of 3rd place for James Chamberlain in 3:02.0 and an incredible 2:55.9 for Stuart Hasting who took Silver nationally and broke a record in the effort.

Alumni Regatta


Both recent and long-standing Alumni returned to Cardiff for our annual Alumni Regatta in September to race down the Taff once more. For the women's squads, the 2014-15 Novices faced off against the 2013-14 crew who showed their strength and won the short sprint from Clarence Road Bridge to past the pontoon. This carried through as they faced the 2014-15 Senior crew and won their category of racing. The Senior Men's HRR crews battle paddled for 500m with the A boat taking the victory in addition to a 4+ Category of two CURC boats vs COBRA members Marie PiQuart, James Magee, Ben Kennedy and Imogen Harding.

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© 2018 Cardiff University Rowing Club

© 2018 Cardiff University Rowing Club