Working hard...

CURC is one of the largest clubs in the Athletic Union and is renowned for its ‘Work hard, Play harder’ ethos. Unlike most clubs, we don’t do trials. We like to give everyone an opportunity to try rowing and to see what the sport can do for you.

New members with little or no prior rowing experience join the novice squads.  Here they learn the fundamentals of rowing, starting off in 8+ boats.  Being a novice requires dedication and patience but anyone can do it. For members who are familiar with sculling and/or sweep, we have our Senior Men and Women’s squads, where training is focussed on taking what people have already learnt and guiding them to be quick and efficient in as many boats as possible.  Lastly is our cox squad who are responsible for steering the boat, syncing the crew and coaching them to the finish. The only criteria for our cox squad is being light and loud.  Coxes are immersed in all rowing training so they can adjust to coxing the Taff and develop a relationship with their crew, they're also welcome to give rowing a go too.

What better way to relax after Wednesday water than by drinking pitchers from the very instrument you were rowing with earlier, in some bizarre form of fancy dress chosen by our Social Secs?

 Our weekly socials begin with a Toga social  and we end each term with a ball, where we  ditch the lycra and leggings in favour of something more sophisticated.

We also mix these up with sober socials and activities, so we can get to know each other outside of training and give our livers a much-needed break in the run up to competitions. Our final social event of the year sees drink, dressing up and rowing collide, as we set up camp at Henley Royal Regatta and celebrate the end of the season. For those who prefer the latter of ‘Work hard, Play harder', we also offer a Social Membership, so you get to party as hard as a rower without the dreaded 6am the next day.

...Playing Harder

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