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We take on members of all skill levels with the intention of not only providing competitive racing and training, but also an enjoyment of the sport. Despite being considered a smaller sized club on the University circuit, CURC is a prominent club in Wales with continually rising results on a National scale.


We strive to build a community at Cardiff where our members can train alongside their academics, develop their strength and technique, and achieve their sporting goals.


Zero or under 1 year of experience


Over 1 year of experience


Any level of experience

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All training is scheduled with students in mind. Courses at Cardiff range in contact hours and CURC works to accommodate for this, including medical-based students. All training schedules include a rest day and we provide accommodations for exams and revision.

All Novice members are provided with the coaching and training to ensure that you are completing training in a safe manner with the correct technique. We take Novices from zero experience to racing nationally within 9 months.

Senior members should expect 2 sessions per day, 6 days per week including water, ergs, weights and cross-training. Schedules are communicated via the Squad Facebook Pages by Coaches/Captains. A standard season may include; 4's Head, Head of the River(s),  BUCS, Welsh Varsity,  HWR & HRR.



CURC boat out of Channel View Leisure Centre, a 30-minute walk from the main university campus, although most of our students choose to cycle or drive to training sessions.


Our fleet is partly kept on racks outside, and partly in a covered boathouse. We also own a launch that is solely used for CURC coaching. There is also the opportunity for single scullers to bring their sculls to university with them and rack them with the Channel View Centre, starting from just £40 per annum.


We have an erg room at the Student’s Union that is available for all coached sessions consisting of 18 Concept 2 Model-D ergs with PM5 monitors, purchased in 2018.


Strength and Conditioning sessions are coached by the CU Sport staff in a state-of the art gym booked out for the rowing club. The gym contains lifting platforms, full olympic barbell sets, dumbbells, weight machines, Wattbikes, ergs and more.



WATER: Channel View Leisure Centre, Jim Driscoll Way, Cardiff, CF11 7HB

ERGS: Cardiff University Students' Union, Park Place, CF10 3QN

WEIGHTS: Fitness and Conditioning Centre, Senghenydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AZ

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